I love my wife, family, dog, traveling the world, music, and coffee (lots and lots of coffee!)!

I was born and raised in Illinois where the creative arts surrounded my childhood. From singing in a boys choir, playing piano, and participating on and off the stage, I have always had the arts as a part of my life. I hold a masters degree in Production Management and for nearly 10 years I have been working in live entertainment production and national broadcast television for companies such as Home Shopping Network and The Walt Disney Company! I met my beautiful wife on a hot July day at a little place you may know called… Walt Disney World. We quickly bonded over our love of Disney, family, and dogs (we have a doggie son named Marvin)! Ever since that fateful July day, Kara and I have been inseparable. 

Joining creative forces and starting Lens of Lenox Videography has been a dream come true. As a piano and guitar player and lover of music, my film editing style is and will always be deeply rooted in music. I’m the technology nerd of our duo and I love learning about new video equipment, lenses, and techniques! 

I have always loved being behind a camera and find purpose and excitement in capturing your special day.

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about us!

I am was born and raised in California, and right graduating with my Business Marketing degree I made the cross country move to Florida. Ok… let’s be real… after graduation, I ran away to work for Mickey Mouse! Ha! When I met my husband Drew, I knew I had found the person my soul was meant to match with. 

The entirety of my career has been spent making events come to life, crafting communication, and ensuring clients are treated with the upmost care at companies such as IKEA and The Walt Disney Company. 

Okay, let’s talk about one of my favorite things in the entire world. Weddings. I have always loved weddings and I will forever daydream about my time as a bride. As a recent bride myself, I understand the excitement, butterflies, and hours a couple spends on perfecting every detail of your special day. I firmly believe that weddings are pure joy, and will stop at nothing to ensure your day is captured and preserved for years to come.

In addition to capturing your most joy-filled day, I also take great pride in making you feel supported and taken care of as possible! 

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