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YOU GUYS!!!!! STOP (insert crying/happy emoji here). You outdid yourselves and this is the most beautiful film EVER. We cannot wait to share with our family and friends!

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts. I was a hot mess as a COVID bride and I cannot express the appreciation I (we) have for you both as you were so patient and understanding. We are happy that we chose you to be a part of our special day. You are the best husband + wife team with all the talent. I am sitting here thinking about the next occasion I can hire you both for (Baby announcement? I am hopeful that will be in the foresee future). We hope that we can continue to stay connected with you both as we truly do love and appreciate you so much.

alexia & ethan

11.14.20 Wedding
park winters

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We have watched our video countless times over the past year! So grateful to you both for creating such a beautiful memory!! Today we will share it with all of our extended family and friends for the first time! =) So excited to let them live it with us after we watch it by ourselves again!

Thank you for everything! We couldn't have asked for a better team! You guys are amazing!

ashton & tony

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Lens of Lenox is the best!!!!!!
I can’t say enough amazing things about Drew & Kara of Lens of Lenox. My husband and I originally had thought videography was an extra, not necessary for a wedding, and once we got our video I can say wholeheartedly WE WERE WRONG (DONT MAKE MY MISTAKE - DONT SKIMP ON VIDEOGRAPHY!!) My husband has even corrected his friends and convinced them to get videography because of Drew and Kara (😆 at my husband giving his groom friends planning advice)

That said, when I was skeptical, Drew and Kara were respectful of my wishes and made a package that worked just for me: I wanted the full summary video they are amazing at, but then I wanted just rough coverage of our entire procession/ceremony and dances and toasts. I thought I didn’t want all the drunken dancing or extras. Once I got the video, I begged them to find more and let me pay for it, whatever it was and they did. My point is, again, DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE!! The night goes by so fast and I’m so grateful I have these beautiful memories. Drew and Kara were so caring and thoughtful, they worked with me on any questions or edits I had. They were on time and professional, so communicative and so respectful. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. They have become friends and are going to put together all the videos from our honeymoon in africa for us!! They are the best!! THANK YOU LENS OF LENOX!!

aleksa & bernardo

08.10.19 Wedding
Solage resport & spa; Napa, CA

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"OMG. You guys. The video is seriously beyond stunning! We can't thank you enough! Not sure how I missed your email last night, but we've already watched it like 5 times today! Can't stop crying. 

Best birthday gift ever. THANK YOU!"

cambria & drew

10.10.20 Wedding
Private estate

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"OMG this is so good!!! Literally crying over here. Thank you so much for capturing our day! You both are the best!!"

caley & tyler

09.26.20 Wedding
Lone Oak Long horns

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Kara and Drew are an amazing videography team. We connected with them from the get-go! Our mutual love of Disney definitely helped. ;)

We communicated early on with plenty of time before our wedding. On the actual day, they help me (the bride) get to our first look. I didn't plan for a ride...silly me! Throughout the day, the helped guide us. When we got our video, I completely balled my eyes out! It perfectly depicts every moment. We're so glad that we'll always have this video to look back on!

christine & dom

10.25.19 Wedding
the bloc

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"Where to begin?! Thank you both SO much for making our wedding day so special. From the very beginning, you two were incredibly receptive and reassuring, answering emails in record time and picking up the phone whenever we wanted to hop on.

It's nerve-racking to think about all the extra people who'll be around throughout the wedding day, but you two were there in all the right moments (keeping me calm while getting ready! pulling leaves out of my dress! getting us drinks at the end of cocktail hour!) and invisible when you said you'd be. I honestly don't even remember you there during the ceremony...which is a good thing, I swear, hah!

That sneak peek was the best little surprise, and we've already watched it a million times over--as have our parents, and grandparents, and literally everyone else we've shown it to. It is so soft and pretty and romantic (and perfectly captured our personalities), and we are beyond excited to see the other videos.

So another massive THANK YOU from both Mike and me!"

Sarah & mike

09.14.19 Wedding
The Culinary institute of america at greystone

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Omg omg omg, we love it!!!! Already watched it like ten times!! You guys did such an amazing job!! 

Thank you so so much!! We can’t wait to share it with our family and friends!

hallie & jon

10.05.19 Wedding
wolfe heights event center

"Thank you so much for this absolutely beautiful video!!! James and I watched it over and over and over last night. It made us smile, cry, laugh and feel all the emotions of the wedding day all over again. It is seriously so perfect and thank you so much for capturing our special day. We are so grateful and are so excited to see the uncut footage too!"

sarah & james

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10.13.19 Wedding
winchester country club

"O M G !!!! We sat down last night with family and watched it in our living room and relived the moments. Omg you guys - I loved every moment of it. So beautiful!!! 🥰 I keep replaying it on my tv over and over. I feel like I’m able to be back in that moment and reflect over and over. Everything was captured beautifully!!!!! Thank you SO SO MUCH. ❤️"

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06.29.19 Wedding
wolfe heights event center

bri & dylan

"We have watched the preview a million times. We love it so much! You both did such an amazing job. The song, the video, capturing all the love!
We are so thankful for it! Had to share!!"

sarah & james

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10.13.19 Wedding
winchester country club

"Thank you so much for taking such great care of my client yesterday. I love working with you guys, I don’t have to worry about the job being done, and being done exceptionally well.
You both are so talented and I look forward to many more events in the future together!"

danielle roe events

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EVgo press conference

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